Foods that cause baby gas

Every baby is different and will respond differently to foods. However there are several foods that are typical in causing gas. The reason is because they break down slowly in our bodies. Here are a few on that list:





•Brussel Sprouts







Don’t completely cut these out of your baby’s diet. Some of these are extremely beneficial to your baby’s growth and overall health. If your baby has gas problems, try introducing one every week or every two weeks and stick with feeding them that one rather than do a few at a time. Your baby needs time to build a tolerance. If you have questions or issues make sure to ask your doctor. I always make sure to blaze my doctor with a million questions. Better safe than sorry! (God love her for tolerating me😂)

Back at it

FDD1304D-FBE6-47B0-9F54-60393CC9897DIm starting to put a little muscle back on. It’s been a battle after pregnancy to put back on the muscle I had before. Your body definitely isn’t the same after you have a baby. Not to mention, feedings really take everything out of you. I’m slowly getting back to feeling like myself again. My strength and energy is back so I’m not as tired after workouts anymore. I still have a ways to go but I feel like I’m on a good path. Consistency in workouts would help but that’s difficult when you’re husband works late and you don’t have anyone to watch your little man. I’m going to try to start up on my in home workouts again. It’s hard with Ryder sometimes because he sees me doing something and thinks he can play too or wants to be held. So this could be interesting! Be on the lookout. I’ll post a few videos in upcoming weeks of my favorite in home workouts!

Benefit of Avocados


Starting the morning with a little avocado. It’s one of my favorite foods. I actually throw a little salt and pepper on it and eat it plain sometimes! Today I’ll put it on top of my eggs.

Health benefits of avocado:

•Has more potassium than bananas

•Loaded with heart healthy fats

•Loaded with fiber

•Has antioxidants that protect eyes

•Protects liver

•Maintains skins heath

•Aids in digestion 

•Prevents bad breath 

•Reduces inflammation 

Avocados are SO healthy for babies too! 1/2 an avocado can meet 100% of their folate need, and 86% of their vitamin B6 need. Being a complete source of protein, it has the 10 essential amino acids a baby needs from food and also has minerals like potassium and magnesium. (Note: it’s recommended that babies are fed avocado purée only after 6 months old)

Eat your avocados! 🥑

Sweet Chili Shrimp

Last nights dinner. It looks weird but it was really good and easy!01040CE9-0844-4EB7-8F4E-4C54EE3B9E80

Sweet chili shrimp bowl

•Ear of corn
•1 cup jasmine rice
•2 limes
•1 Roma tomato
•8 oz of shrimp
•3 oz of sweet chili sauce
•Tortilla strips
•1/2 an avocado
Boil rice in 1 1/2 cups of water for 18-20 minutes. Peel husk off corn and remove kernels. Dice tomato and jalapeño. In a nonstick pan with 1 tsp of oil, place corn and cook till lightly charred. Transfer corn to mixing bowl with jalapeño, tomato and lime juice. Return pan used for corn to medium heat. Add 1tsp of olive oil and cook shrimp until lightly browned. Pour in sweet chili sauce and cook 1-2 minutes. Remove from burner.
In your serving bowls layer rice, then shrimp then corn mix. Garnish with avocado and tortilla strips. Enjoy!

Fitness Goal

After pregnancy I decided to set a goal for myself. I wanted to get back to my previous fit state. Not where I was just before I got pregnant. I wanted to set the goal to where I was a few years before. I found a picture pre pregnancy where I was at my most fit. I was lean with muscle and felt my best. While I am fully aware of the toll pregnancy takes on your body, I don’t feel this goal is completely unattainable. It takes a LOT of hard work and dedication. Not only in the gym but in the kitchen as well!

I’m already 8 months post baby and my goal was to be as close to my previous size as can be by one year. I still have 4 months remaining and I’m pushing harder now that I’ve got my strength and energy fully back. It’s definitely an uphill battle. But if I can get myself to 80-85% of what I used to be I will be beyond happy. I feel I’m currently at about 60% so my goal isn’t too far off! These next few months will definitely be the hardest. I know I’ll need support from everyone around me to keep me going.

Meal Replacement Shake

61610BC8-B319-4E65-B3B4-2188F41CD602This mornings breakfast was a protein shake! Being a stay at home Mom I first thought I’d have all this time to make myself healthy meals during the day and get stuff done. Wrong! No one prepared me for how time consuming it is to take care of a baby! It’s a full time job! Props to those moms who have twins, triplets or more than one child! There is always something to do. Your baby needs to be fed, changed, played with or you’re working on crawling/standing/etc. Some days I just don’t have time to sit down to eat a meal let alone one that’s well balanced. Rather than just grab a granola bar I make myself a protein shake. This is the perfect meal replacement. And I can throw it in a shaker bottle and take it with me. Some days after dinner if I’m craving something sweet I’ll make one rather than having ice cream or sugar! It’s definitely a healthier alternative and I don’t feel guilty after eating it!
•1/2 a cup of berries
•1/2 a cup of kale or spinach
•1 tbsp of peanut butter
•1 scoop of chocolate protein
•1 unsweetened vanilla almond milk
•1/2 cup of ice
•Add water if you don’t want it as thick

Dogs and babies

1C506738-95A6-4997-AB07-FFAE545F9B79When I first got pregnant with ryder I was so worried how the dogs would take to him. People kept telling me pit bulls are not good to have around kids. Both dogs are older and pretty set in their ways. My dog Sadie is very protective of me. She follows me everywhere. When I first brought Ryder home Sadie would growl and pace a lot. I decided to take an approach where I made sure to only pet her when I was holding ryder or he was close to me. When I didn’t have him I pretended she wasn’t there. I wanted her to know that he was ok. So when he was close she got attention. After about 2 weeks she started to relax. By the time he was 1 month old she would actually lay next to me when I held him. As he got older and I would lay him on the floor to play or do tummy time, she would come over and lick him or just lay and watch him. Now that he’s 8 months old she follows him everywhere! She has to know where he is all the time. She gives him kisses all the time, lays her head on him and watches him play. It’s the most beautiful thing to see. 

Don’t ever listen to anyone when they say you can’t teach a dog to love and be ok with a baby. Like people, every dog is different. Sadie is a pit bull lab mix. When I tell people she’s part pit they freak out and can’t believe I let her around ryder. She’s a dog! Forget what type and ignore the stereotypes. She’s always been a sweet loving dog to me so I knew I could get her to love ryder too. Despite the bad rap they get, pit bulls can be the most loving and kind dogs if they are brought up correctly!