Sometimes a salad isn’t what it seems…..

Food can be VERY deceiving. People see certain meals and because there are healthy items in them, they automatically think it’s a healthy meal. What we often forget is the added sauces and things that completely kill the meal. For example, my dinner last night was an ahi tuna salad. It has seared tuna, arugula, mango, tomato, noodles, avocado, almonds and a ginger dressing. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Take a look at the nutrition breakdown:

920 cals

64g fat

60g carbs

33g sugar

36g protein

Notice how high the calories and sugars are! 920 calories in ONE serving. Just because it’s a salad does not mean it’s going to be healthy. The little items like dressing, noodles, and the avocado jack up the sugar, fat and calories drastically! Yes things like avocado are great for you. But in the proper amounts. If you removed the dressing, noodles and cut the avocado amount in half, you would see a drastic drop in these numbers

By no means am I telling you to not eat certain things. Im just encouraging you to be cautious. Enjoy a salad like this every so often. But I wouldn’t recommend it daily. As I said before, just because something has healthy items in it, that doesn’t make it healthy for you. Know what you’re eating! Don’t be afraid to be high maintenance at a restaurant and ask to remove things or put dressing on the side. Especially if you’re trying for a healthier option. You can make restaurant meals work for you and your diet!

Happy eating! 🍴😉💙

Self Care

Self care….. it’s any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control. Basically something YOU need to keep yourself feeling sane and like yourself. It’s how you take care of you!

We all have things we do for self care. Me? I consider mine a cup of green tea, face masks, writing, workout and sleep. These are all things that keep me feeling grounded. They help me to relax. They are things that just make me happy and they’re for ME. I don’t have time to do each of them every day, but I try to incorporate each at least once a week. Green tea has become my go to every morning and of course my workouts in the afternoon. Sometimes I can sneak in a writing session and a face mask while Ryder is napping. But that’s only occasionally because his naps are when I get everything around the house done!

Everyone is different. Some people’s version of self care is a massage, facial, taking a bath, eating a treat, talking to a friend, going out to eat, or just having some quiet time. Do whatever works for you! Self care is important. We work so hard to take care of others around us we sometimes forget to stop and take a minute for ourselves. Especially moms!

Whether it’s once a day or once a week. Take some time for a little self care and do what makes you happy. 💙

Building back balance

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” -Napoleon Hill

I love this picture. It was taken in 2013 on Lake Lewisville just outside of Dallas. I got this crazy idea to do a handstand on the nose of the boat. I held it for a good three seconds before a wave hit from another boater and knocked me over the side. 😂

I used to love to do handstands anywhere, on anything. I got it from my father. He was a gymnast growing up and whenever he went to a new city he would pick a landmark or a cool location and do a handstand picture.

When I got pregnant with Ryder I had major balance issues. It was a weird feeling. I was a gymnast and a cheerleader so balance was never a problem for me before. While pregnant I was constantly stumbling or running into things. It was almost like being tipsy drunk, just without the alcohol! My doctor said that happens to some people but it eventually goes away. It went away completely about 6 months after I had him. And thank goodness because it’s not a fun feeling to have regularly. I had so many bumps and bruises on my legs from running into things. It was not a pretty sight.

I don’t know that I’ll ever do a handstand on the nose of a boat again but I’d like to think maybe one day I could. I’m still building back my upper body strength and working on my balance. For now I’ll stick with on the ground handstands. But this will forever be my favorite handstand picture. I’ll keep it as my “goal picture.” Balancing on a boat just standing is one thing, but doing it in a handstand position is a whole other level!

Everyone has goals, big and small. It’s your focus and determination that will get you there!

Dressing like a mom

Beauty has so many forms. The most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself 💙

My mother would die if she saw the front of this dress. 😂 She’s so old school traditional and thinks moms should dress like the stereotype of covered up conservative. I think for the most part I’m decently conservative but every once in a while it’s fun to wear something a little “different.” And who am I to argue with a beautiful dress my own husband bought me!

Just because you’re a mom, you shouldn’t be forced to dress a certain way. Be who YOU want to be and dress however you want! You can be a mom and still dress up on occasion in a short dress or low cut top! If you’re confident enough, rock it!

I have a friend who only wears one piece swimsuits because she says it’s “not appropriate for a mother to be too revealing in something like a two piece.” I roll my eyes when she says things like that. Then say “to each their own.” She can dress how she wants and I’ll dress how I want (in my “revealing two piece” 😂). You don’t have to conform to what others do. Be your own person and wear what makes you comfortable and happy. They make different styles of clothes for a reason….so we all don’t have to dress alike! 😉

I’m a mom and I’ll wear what I want! 💃🏼

Leg day exercises

Leg day! These are 3 of my favorite exercises to do on leg day. Really easy and sure to get your butt and inner thigh sore the next day!

•Side step squats with plate

•Front lunges

•Barbell deadlift

The side squats take a little coordination since you’re squatting then lifting the plate. Sometimes I look funny because I zone out, get off on my squat/lift and get myself all confused. 😂

I typically do 4 sets of 12 for each. But you can adjust to what’s best for you! Happy lifting!

A twist on cheat meals

I went out to dinner on a cheat meal night and was craving a burger. The restaurant burger and fries totaled to 1273 calories. Mind you, it would have been a little less without the bacon and fried egg but some cheat meals are worth the extra calories!

During the week one day I was craving a burger but it wasn’t a cheat meal day. So I decided to make a healthier version of the cheat meal I love. The burger is topped with a little cheese, cilantro, tomato, onion and a tsp of chipotle catchup. The fries are lightly tossed in olive oil, pink salt, and pepper, then baked. The homemade burger and fries totaled to 599 calories. That’s less than half the calories of the restaurant version! This is a great trade for the restaurant version if wanting a healthier twist on a cheat meal!

When you’re doing a healthy diet, you don’t have to eat boring meals. Granted I wouldn’t recommend eating a homemade burger and fries every day. That’s a little more red meat than you need and there are better options than white potatoes. But this is definitely a great option on occasion. I love to take my favorite restaurant foods and mimic them at home in healthier ways. It beats eating baked chicken, rice and broccoli every day like I used to do! Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. You just have to be cautious of what you are putting into the meal or on the meal.

Happy eating!

Back day workout

Back day workout! Today is typically a cardio day for me but my legs were still sore from leg day so I decided to do back instead. These are a few exercises from this weeks back workout:

•Close grip lat pulldowns


•Straight arm pull downs

•Wide grip lat pulldowns

I typically do 4 sets of 10 for each exercise but you’re free to do whatever works for you! Happy lifting! 💪🏻