Laziness never fails me when pregnant. I don’t mean lazy as in I don’t want to get off the sofa. I’m referring to the tie your shoes laziness. 😂

Seriously, this only happens when I’m pregnant. My belly isn’t even that big yet but I have zero want to tie my shoes. When pregnant I’m always in slip on boots or shoes. Maybe because they are the most comfortable. I’m not sure. But they all have one thing in common and that’s no laces!

This is understandable when you get to be 7 months pregnant and beyond and your belly gets in the way. Lace shoes just become frustrating at that point. If you aren’t flexible, expect a bit of a battle.

I remember looking in my closet and seeing my lace up shoes and automatically thinking, nope not leaving the house today. 😂 Hey, at least I’m aware of it and can admit it!

You want what you can’t have

Do you ever notice you miss things the most when you can’t have them?

Being pregnant I have been seriously missing sushi and deli sandwiches. I couldn’t tell you the last time I had sushi (when not pregnant). But now that I can’t have it, I want it. Any time I see a sushi restaurant I swear my mouth starts watering. But all the days before I got pregnant, sushi wasn’t even on my radar. 😂

I’m not a huge sandwich person but I want one now that I’m told I can’t have them! My doctor doesn’t want me eating any form of deli meat or processed meats. That’s due to the risk of listeria and other bacteria. Yes they say some deli meats are ok to eat because they are sprayed with a preventative before packaged to prevent listeria. But the fact that it has to be sprayed with a chemical makes it a no go on my list. I’d like to avoid any over processing and chemicals if at all possible!

So for now I’ll just dream about those foods I can have and countdown till the day I can have them again. Although when that day comes I probably won’t even want them. 😂